New Music Director Appointed

We’re delighted to introduce our new Music Director, Sammy Martin.

Sammy is Liverpool born and bred. She trained under Rosemary Braga in piano and harpsichord whilst conducting local church choirs. Braga had previously taught Simon Rattle. After seven years of study, Sammy’s hair still wasn’t as curly as Rattles’. Acknowledging this limitation, she then packed all belongings into her trusty old car and travelled down the M6 to study conducting with Colin Touchin at the University of Warwick. Sammy was very soon directing large choirs, ensembles, and musicals.

Sammy puts her directing abilities down to being the oldest child of seven: being in charge was inevitable! The juxtaposition of Rosemary Braga training and Liverpool’s popular music culture meant that Sammy developed a love of both classical and modern – from Hildegard of Bingen, Byrd, and Bach to the Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers. More recently, this has led to winning awards at The Leamington Festival in consecutive years, and the Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year award. Sammy’s Warwickshire Villagers’ Choir was a mix of professional and non-professional musicians who performed high church to folk both locally and nationally.

The Ross Penyard Singers, with their array of repertoire ranging from the classical to the modern in easy meanderings, was then the perfect fit. So, when Sammy moved to the area, she was excited to find the RPS were looking for a new director. Sammy and her husband Andrew (who will be persuaded by his wife to accompany the choir with his guitar and drumming skills) are looking forward to the coming concerts. In June of this year, Andrew walked into Sammy’s music room, heard the Christmas carols she was working on, turned around and left the room, saying “And so it begins…!” Indeed, it does!

Next Concert

Saturday, 15th June
St Mary’s Church

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